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In The Heart of Orléans

The Hotel Marguerite is located in the heart of Orleans. In a 100m distance from the hotel you have access to all the boutiques, the restaurants, the Old Town and all the patrimonial riches of Orléans. You will be able to park your car in a closed public parking nearby (50 m) for 1 € per night (19h00-09h00). 

You'll find yourself only a 5 minutes walk away from the Old Town with beautiful classic restaurants who offer outside dining in the summer. The heart of the town is perfect for shopping peacefully in the arcades far from the crowds of Paris, but also a town full of cinemas and art galleries.

All the most beautiful aspects of Orleans are only 10 minutes from the hotel : the Cathédrale Saint Croix, Jeanne d'Arc's House, Groslot Hotel, la Place du Matroi and the Vieil renovated Orléans.

Hotel Marguerite

14 place Vieux Marché - 45000 Orléans | Tél. 33(0)2 38 53 74 32 Fax. 33(0)2 38 53 31 56 | reservation@hotel-marguerite.fr | Connexion
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